Mindful Awareness Stabilization Training (MAST)

MAST is a four-week workshop that teaches emotion regulation skills through psychoeducation and mindfulness practice. This is a non-clinical workshop, peer led by trained facilitators to help manage symptoms of anxiety and mild depression.


 Session 1 - Mindfulness and the Window of Tolerance

  • Introduction to Mindfulness as a Tool for Self-Regulation
  • Window of Tolerance
  • 3-minute breathing space meditation
  • Mindfulness of sensations
  • Grounding Skills


Session 2 - Mindfulness and the Brain

  • Mindfulness in daily life and establishing a regular practice
  • Understanding the Triune Brain and neuroplasticity
  • Brain’s negativity bias and how to work with it through mindfulness
  • Normalizing wandering mind and importance of returning
  • 10-minute breath practice
  • Mindfulness of sounds meditation


Session 3 - Mindfulness and Emotions

  • Mindfulness of emotions in the body
  • Adopting a welcoming and compassionate attitude to emotions
  • Seeing emotions as pleasant/unpleasant/neutral
  • Learning to respond rather than react to emotions
  • Standing meditation


Session 4 - Developing an Action Plan for Self-Care

  • Develop an action plan for self-care that includes daily mindfulness practice
  • Balance actions in life that minimizes stress and maximizes resources for self-care
  • Self-Compassion practice
  • Reflection on the past four weeks of mindfulness practice


Senior man smilingWorkshop Registration

If you would like to look for a MAST workshop in your area, go to MAST Workshop Registration or call 1-866-971-5545 for more information.


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