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Support for People with Health Conditions

The Self-Management Program Central East offers free self-management workshops to empower people to take charge of their health, while living with health conditions like: diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, lung disease, and other chronic health issues.


Who can participate?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, our self-management workshops are for you! 

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with your health?
  • Are you newly diagnosed with a health condition, or have you been struggling for years with a condition?
  • Do you want to connect with others who are living with similar challenges or who understand what you’re going through?

 Living a Healthy Life Self-Management Workshops

  • Free six-week workshops for adult patients and caregivers (Online workshops include an orientation session)
  • 2.5 hours each week in groups of 8 -14 participants
  • Led by trained facilitators living with one or more chronic conditions
  • Offered in the following languages: English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin and Tamil
  • Available in: 

CC BookCP Book 

Tool-Kit for Active Living + Calls

Consists of a one-time mailing of a Tool Kit to your home, at no charge, and participation in weekly small group phone calls led by a Program Leader.

What Can I Expect?

At a set time each week, for an hour, there is a small group telephone call with a Program Leader who will:

  • Review the materials in the Tool Kit
  • Lead activities with the group
  • Invite each person to make a weekly action plan


Program Options include:


  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Chronic Pain

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

In the six weekly classes, caregivers develop a wealth of self-care tools to:
  • Reduce personal stress; change negative self-talk; communicate their needs to family members and healthcare or service providers; communicate effectively in challenging situations
  • Recognize the messages in their emotions, deal with difficult feelings; and make tough caregiving decisions.
Class participants also receive a copy of The Caregiver Helpbook, developed specifically for the class.
PTC Book

To learn more visit Powerful Tools for Caregivers



Managing Stress - Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Not able to commit to a full six-week workshop series but still would like to learn about how to better manage the stresses of caregiving? Take our 90 minute one-day session on Managing Stress.


Getting The Most From Your Healthcare Appointment Workshop

Your health is important and you are the most important member of your health care team. That is why knowing what to do before, during and after your appointment is so vital. This free 1.5 hour workshop will provide you with information on how to prepare for your appointment, what questions to ask and how to make sure you understand everything before you leave. Setting an action plan and follow up are key to living healthy. This program was developed by the South West Self-Management Program.


To lean more visit Getting The Most From Your Healthcare Appointment 

Workshop Registration

If you would like to look for a workshop in your area, go to Workshop Registration or call 1-866-971-5545 for more information.


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