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Become A Volunteer Facilitator

Are you passionate about chronic disease self-management and have a desire to help other health care professionals learn self-management support skills?

The Central East LHIN Self-Management Program provides opportunities for health care professionals to participate in Choices and Changes: Motivating Healthy Behaviours and Brief Action Planning Facilitator Training Courses to learn how to co-lead these workshops. Interested health care professionals can apply to become a volunteer facilitator for these workshops to champion self-management support skills in the Central East LHIN.

Minimum Qualifications of Self-Management Facilitators:

  • Possess an academic degree in a health related discipline and have experience working in a health care environment 
  • Value learning and possess group leadership and critical thinking skills
  • Possess extensive knowledge of self-management principles and strategies to support patients to self-manage
  • Currently work or live in the Central East LHIN region to support people with chronic conditions to self-manage their health
  • Have excellent presentation skills and at least experience facilitating training workshops to health care professional 
  • Demonstrate commitment and passion for chronic disease self-management
  • Be available to facilitate at least 2 workshops per year within the Central East LHIN
  • Work for a health organization that supports the candidate’s application to become a facilitator
  • Volunteer facilitators are provided with an honorarium to co-lead workshops

Apply to Become a Facilitator

View information about Choices and Changes: Motivating Healthy Behaviours workshop from the Institute for Healthcare Communication


View information about Brief Action Planning workshops from Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation


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